I take my cues and inspiration from the world around me—from music, art, the rhythm of nature, architecture and the collective intelligence and insight of my creative colleagues. The publications and designs that you will view below represent samples of my graphic design, photo and art direction, print and paper selection, and purchasing, publication management and editorial work. I invite you to “page through” a few of the publications, bill boards, logos, annual reports, calendars, palm cards, collateral and brand marks I’ve designed.

Design is subjective, but its results are measurable in the people it reaches, the eyes that read it, the hands that hold it, and the hearts that heed it. The best part of what I do is being allowed to express, on behalf of others, the things that matter most to them. In the process, I am the direct benefactor of meeting some of the most extraordinary people, witnessing and experiencing the most amazing things and being a trustee of getting what they know to whom they want it delivered.

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